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I am the Right Candidate at the Right Time.

Our City Council members have played musical chairs for far too long. My opponent, Trish Kelley, was first elected to City Council in November 2002. She has served as mayor five times since 2002. A judge had to order Trish to run in 2022, because she and her fellow city council members voted themselves term extensions. A resident, representing all of us in Mission Viejo, sued the City Council and the City Council lost. 

My name is Terri Aprati. I have been a Mission Viejo resident for 21 years. I am a corporate paralegal and a notary public. I believe I am the right candidate, running at the right time, to restore trust, transparency and accountability to our City Council. 

On November 8th, please vote for me for City Council in the 4th District of Mission Viejo. Thank you!

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